GoDaddy to Direct Microsoft 365 Migration 2 Hrs Proof of Concept

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Remove GoDaddy and other third-party entities from your tenant, reclaiming internal control over your systems.

When acquiring Microsoft products through third parties like GoDaddy, user identities get stored within their systems, granting them control over user and password information. This creates challenges for businesses seeking to manage specific tenant features, as they become reliant on third-party admin portals instead of direct access to Office 365. Our solution involves eliminating GoDaddy from the equation and restoring identities to Microsoft Admin Center. This way, you can regain full control, managing features, installing new programs, and effortlessly adding or removing employees as needed. Cloud can assist your business in regaining Global Admin rights within your tenant, enabling you to seamlessly deploy cutting-edge technologies such as Teams, Endpoint Manager/Intune, and Phone Systems. Cloud helps in the following ways:

• Defederate the tenant without the need for migration. • Eliminate the necessity to third party contact for any tenant-related issues. • Retain user accounts instead of deleting them. • Ensure a seamless transition with no downtime.

To discover more about Cloud's GoDaddy defederation service or to participate in a complimentary discovery call, simply click the contact button above.

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