Microsoft Teams Meetings: 2-Hour Proof of Concept

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A customized and detailed proof of concept of the incredible Microsoft Teams Meetings for your organization

Do you want to understand how to make meeting experiences more collaborative, seamless and hassle free for your organization? You’ve come to the right place. In this two hour proof of concept, we will understand your organizations current meeting environment and show you how we can help you to use Microsoft Teams for the best meeting experiences.

With the rise of work from home and bring your own devices culture, need for the better meeting experiences has been on the rise. A combination of cloud and Microsoft Teams will help you achieve that goal.

Microsoft Teams is a hub for collaboration. It offers seamless meeting experiences and is used by millions of users worldwide. Cloud is a Tier 1 Microsoft Gold partner, which has empowering organizations to achieve more using state of art technology solutions since 2007.


Review and access organization wide meeting environment Understand internal meeting experiences Understand out of organization meetings experiences Analyze current challenges


Custom tailored demo to meet organizations goals using Microsoft Teams Recommendations to optimize meeting experiences Roadmap of Microsoft Teams implementation and adoptions Costs of licenses and implementing solution


This offer includes up to two hours of proof of concept which covers most Small Businesses.

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