Advania: Intune Get Started: 2 d training and PoC

Advania AB

Understand the concept of mobile device management (MDM) and how to navigate and operate Microsoft Intune by implementing a Proof of Concept (PoC) in your own production environment.

The engagement takes place in a workshop-style setup where our experts guide you through Microsoft Intune through discussions, demos and labs. We want to help you ensure that you have a good understanding of the Intune platform and the possibilities it offers. Our experts also help you setup a small proof of concept that further on may be built on, to continue the improvement of your cloud based device management platform. This offering may be used in any stage of your cloud journey to and is adaptable to your specific needs by adding additional days of training or expanding the scope of the PoC.


Move to the Cloud - Move your device management to a cloud-based service. Gain control - By managing devices using a cloud service you will be in control over devices which are not always on the corporate network

How we do it:

This engagement consists of several different modules which can be delivered remote or onsite with your team. Modules may be removed or replaced if they are deemed as not needed. Each module is approximate 2-4 hours based on topic and includes both discussions and hands-on labs. The workshop/training is followed by a PoC that summarizes and ends the engagement.


This is 2-4 days engagement and additional days or a larger scoped POC may be added based on our requirements. There are 7 different modules to choose from and your choices will form the agenda. The workshop/training is followed by a PoC that summarizes and ends the engagement.


Day 1: Module 1: Introduction Module 2: Intune setup and pre-requisites Module 3: Management scenarios

Day2: Module 4: iOS/iPadOS Module 5: Android Module 6: Windows 10 Module 7: macOS

Day 3: Module 8: Application Protection Policies Module 9: Operations and governance

Day 4: Proof Of Concept

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