Dynamics 365 Sales: 2-Hour Briefing

Altriva Solutions

Find out if Dynamics 365 Sales is right for your organization.

Get to know Dynamics 365 Sales during a 2-hour demonstration and discussion with an expert. The session will include an overview of the sales engagement platform's core features, selected advanced options and extensions, as well as time to review your specific requirements and the questions about the capabilities, concerns, and integrations that are most important to your organization.

Learn how you can use Dynamics 365 Sales to:

  • Support and automate your sales processes
  • Improve forecasting accuracy
  • Increase sales and sales support team efficiency
  • Enhance communication and reduce data silos


You can expect to leave the briefing with:

  • A solid understanding of Dynamics 365 Sales’ core features and capabilities
  • An introduction to applicable advanced Dynamics 365 features and extensions
  • An assessment of the fit for Dynamics 365 Sales to meet your sales team’s needs
  • An overview of Dynamics 365 Sales licensing options and pricing

About Altriva Solutions

Altriva Solutions is an award-winning business technology consulting firm. Its consultants are strategic and technical experts with an average of over 10 years of industry experience. Beyond being a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, Altriva has been working with Microsoft Dynamics since the solution’s initial Alpha release.

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