Windows as a Service: 4-Wk Implementation

AMTRA Solutions Ltd

Secure your data and devices, identities and your business with Windows 10/11.

AMTRA has designed a four-phased approach to help our clients quickly adopt Windows 10/11 and leverage the Microsoft 365 platform. Our clients face significant challenges in adapting to the Windows 10/11 servicing model due to the rapid deployment nature of the operating system. AMTRA Solutions has developed the application-centric and user-centric approach to deploying and operationalizing Windows 10/11 deployments.

AMTRA’s Phased approach is a guide to the ongoing management of a modernized environment consisting of the following 4 Phases:

  1. Application and Hardware Readiness
  2. Infrastructure Assessment/Imaging and Provisioning
  3. Application Testing and Certification
  4. Deployment

Once the above project phases are complete, AMTRA can seamlessly transition to an on-going lifecycle managed Windows as a Service (WaaS) focused on the build, deployment, and servicing of our clients’ Windows 10/11 operating system management. Implementation of this service along with Configuration Manager/Endpoint Manager and other optional services allows our clients to maintain a consistent Windows 10/11 experience with the latest updates and security features for its end users.

With the implementation of Windows 10/11, clients normally require frequent access to new features delivered during the development cycle. This delivery method allows clients to manage and stay up to date with what Microsoft is developing and start their testing as soon as possible. As a result, the need for long support models and extended deployment cycles are no longer required. All software and hardware must be constantly reviewed to ensure all systems work as a successful ecosystem. Not staying current puts clients at risk for issues, support, and potential loss of work hours.

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