APN Enterprise Reporting: 6-weeks implementation


APN Enterprise Reporting is a solution for creating and distributing reports on a variety of business indicators to end users regardless of the data source and location of the recipient.

In most organizations, operational strategy and tactics are based on four main fields: customers, employees, products and processes. To drive change and innovation, to create new products and services, organisations must adopt a strategy that connects these fields as effectively as possible. This will ensure that customers have the ideal experience, employees perform to the best of their ability, operations ensure efficiency and effectiveness across the company. This concept is ultimately what enables transformation, allowing you to change your business, your processes, gain a competitive advantage and ultimately transform your organisation into a leader in its industry. On the other hand, this approach can generate huge amounts of diverse data. The analysis of this data is supported by the APN Enterprise Reporting. Our solution makes it easy to collect data, create reports, share it with the end-users, and monitor key metrics. Everything is possible thanks to the use of modern technology - Microsoft Power BI. Users can make sense of their data through real-time, interactive dashboards and thus unlock the insights needed to drive business.

By improving the reporting process, users of the reporting platform gain tangible benefits such as: • increased revenue, • reduced costs and risk, • supply chain optimisation, • quicker time to market with new products and services, • better management of receivables.

What do we do while implementing the product?

  1. Analysis of the environment and reporting needs.
  2. Installation and configuration of the reporting platform.
  3. Preparation and launch of reports, cockpits, and dashboards.
  4. Building of Power BI Developer competencies.
  5. System maintenance and development.

The price depends on the scope of data and reporting needs: implementing a reporting platform, developing rules for working with data, a number of reports, and a number of Power BI licences. Our offer covers a typical project - 4 to 6 weeks ongoing.

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