Microsoft Power Platform: 4-Wk Implementation


In order to enable citizen development within your organization, APN Promise will guide you through Power Platform technologies, their capabilities, and best practices.

Through the use of Power Platform elements, an organization can implement solutions to: • Automate tasks • Create a mobile application for employees • Provide a portal for customers or contractors • Run a bot that will answer questions • Present reports from various data sources

Our service offers a quick solution for organizations looking to digitize their processes but may not know where to begin. With our expertise in Power Platform technologies, our team of experienced consultants will work closely with your organization to identify the best processes that can be automated effectively and efficiently.

Our approach, which includes an inspiration session, design thinking workshop, solution design, development, agile testing, and a final solution showcase, ensures that the application is developed within a short period.

Working with APN Promise specialists, your organization receives support throughout the entire process of implementation of new technologies, from analysis, through design, implementation and support, up to maintenance of process automation systems. By the end of the implementation period, you will learn about the Power Platform's capabilities and its potential to solve various business challenges. Our service offers competitive pricing, and the duration will depend on your organization's level of maturity and individual business goals. In addition to the application itself, our service offers support, inspiration, and best practices for future endeavors.

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