CoE as a Service: 4-week Implementation

Applied Information Sciences

Scalable administration and governance, nurture, support and operation of Power Platform.

You’ve adopted Power Platform. Now you need ongoing administration, governance, nurturing, and support for solution development and app modernization. Center of Excellence (CoE) as a Service supports the platform turnkey or as a compliment to your in-house IT that will adapt and keep pace with the way your organization uses the technology.

CoE as a Service is the team and tools needed so that Power Platform can thrive in your organization. We support your day-in-day-out “typical asks” backed by the expertise by our world-leading Microsoft MVPs and solution architects, with greater agility surging up and scaling down at lower cost than what is usually possible in-house.

We continually improve our tools, patterns, and expertise that we bring to your CoE as a Service. Some of our favorites are below.

CoE Starter Kit + supports enterprise management and governance via the Microsoft CoE Starter Kit plus the enhancements we’ve built to align your strategy to the architectural best practices found in the Power Platform Adoption Framework.

AIS Base Accelerator is an always-growing set of solution components that developers can use out of the box to standardize your data landscape, reduce development cycle time in your custom applications, and achieve more cohesive configuration management.

AIS Cloud Adoption Portal provides tracking and visibility into your Power Platform adoption journey, roadmap, and milestones.

Enterprise Management Maturity Model is our best practice for continually assessing maturity, identifying risk, and setting goals for Power Platform enterprise management and governance within your organization.

This offering delivers the team, tools, patterns, and expertise necessary to the Power Platform CoE in your organization.

*Estimated pricing is dependent on specific needs and length of service term.