Argano Data Insights

Argano LLC

Accelerate your analytics transformation and drive better business decisions by empowering your organization with timely, actionable data

Argano Data Insights (ADI) is a comprehensive enterprise data and analytics solution accelerator, streamlining deployment with a standardized star schema model, Azure pre-configurations, and Power BI templates. ADI significantly reduces the deployment time for Data Warehouses and Data Lakehouses, transforming the industry-standard multi-month or multi-year projects into a fraction of the time! Turn data into actionable insights, empower your entire organization to tap into relevant, timely business data to identify requirements, monitor trends, troubleshoot problems, and seize opportunities as soon as they develop.

Our unique solution reduces time-consuming infrastructural, platform, data engineering and architecture complexity while also extending and enhancing Power BI functionality. By combining data, processes, and technology, Argano experts will help you identify ways to power your business to compete effectively and establish the strong foundation needed to address challenges and drive growth across your organization.

Modules include finance, sales, procurement, project management, accounting, inventory, manufacturing and more. Argano's delivery of ADI will drive business decisions like identifying material improvements to specific business processes, which is why Argano approaches BI in an iterative and agile approach, exposing new and unforeseen opportunities to gain insights after each iteration.

Designed using the Kimball Star Schema and the latest Microsoft technology stack in analytics including Azure Data Lake, Synapse, Synapse Link and Fabric, ADI can structure your organization’s data to be standardized, accessible and secure while pulling data from:

  • Microsoft Dynamics and other business application legacy systems
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Sales, and Field Service
  • Microsoft Office, Outlook, and SQL
  • And many other data sources!

At Argano, we firmly believe virtual data warehousing with minimal data movements is key to a long-term, viable and extendable data analytics solution. By maintaining the data model, plugging in different data sources, and exposing the data sets per business requirements we achieve data consistency, security, and accessibility across workstreams.

Our delivery of ADI drives intuitive business decisions while balancing quick wins and enterprise-level capabilities to realize value quickly and increase value overtime. Kickstart your analytics and business intelligence journey and transform from just collecting information to acting. Benefit from the ability to:

  • Unified Communication Across Departments:Enhance cross-departmental collaboration through effective communication. ADI ensures a common data language, aligning all teams with shared KPI measurements.
  • Agile Response to New Data:Take prompt action on fresh data with ADI's optimized configuration. Striking a balance between cost efficiency and real-time data refreshes, it guarantees timely, actionable insights.
  • Enhanced Control and Cost Reduction:Exercise greater control over your solution while reducing costs and increasing visibility into real-time data insights with ADI’s open architecture, eliminating the inflexibility of a "black box" solution.
  • Rapid Implementation for Quick Results:Accelerate your journey with ADI's engineered rapid implementation. What once took months can now be achieved in a matter of days, ensuring swift and efficient deployment.

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