Modern Workplace - Enterprise-Grade for SMB: 4-Wk Implementation


Build all the foundations needed to create a flexible and scalable Modern workplace in just 30 days!

Now that working from home or flexible work is more accepted, we are forced to re-think how we operate where we believe that our best assets are our people. Atarix’s Managed Modern Workplace solution will provide employees and businesses with integrated IT, tools and security measures to be able to seamlessly work with both their employees as well as their clients.

The value that Atarix will bring to SMB businesses is expertise at an enterprise level with enterprise-grade deployments, helping organisations transform their business so that their employees have a better employee experience. Having cohesive environments with productivity and collaboration at the forefront, employees can do their best work, allowing them to be productive anytime, anywhere.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with over 10 years' experience working with cloud technologies, we can deliver and support your modern workplace - meeting you at your point of need and your working modes.

Let us help you harness the power of the Microsoft cloud, by deploying Microsoft 365, Security & Threat Protection, Sharepoint, Teams Platform, Office 365 and Device management, all tied together so your employees can work seamlessly.

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