Physician Referral Management: 8 Week POC


Avtex Physician Referral Management (PRM), built on the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, enables health systems to quickly deploy solutions that drive revenue through new physician acquisition.

Referrals are critical moments in a patients journey with significant implications for both providers and patients within a health system.  For a provider, referrals represent a unique opportunity to help reach around not only the clinical goals but also connect to a broader network of healthcare specialists to improve the quality of care for the patient.

The Avtex Physician Referral Management (PRM) program, built in the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, enables health systems to quickly deploy solutions that drive revenue through new physician acquisition, increased out of network referrals, and reduced patient leakage through improved patient engagement. The PRM program improves adoption, clarity and transparency throughout the referral process and results in a better physician and patient experience.

Agenda & Services Provided*

  • Week 1 and Week 2
    • Determine use cases for segmenting and personalized targeting
    • Review potential data sources for profiles and use cases
    • Configure Sandbox and Production environments
  • Week 3 and Week 4
    • Unify data sources into a single, unified customer profile
    • Create activities, relationships, search indexes and measures in Customer Insights and Dynamics Marketing 
  • Week 5 and week 6
    • Analyze and model the data to identify three customer segmentations relevant to your goals
    • Connect to Power BI to unified customer profiles
    • Final executive playback
    • Recommendation report on next steps
  • Week 7
    • Final review of Setup and Configuration
  • Week 8
    • End-to-end test cases
    • Final Data Collection for Go-Live
    • End User Training and POS Deployment

*Estimate dependent upon level of integration with EMR, data enrichment via third party, any additional customized fields or reports

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