WFM Adapter Implementation Packages

TTEC Digital

Implementation packages to deploy the WFM Adapter product.

TTEC Digital will perform a complete deployment of the WFM Adapter. This includes to area of focus, with the first is being adapter setup and integration. This involves connecting the adapter to your Dynamics 365 environments and ensuring data from the WFM adapter is received within a network that can be accessed by your WFM solution. The second area of focus is services to install, configure, test and deploy WFM Adapter components. See pricing guide for a breakdown of the base install tasks, plus additional services you can purchase.

Deliverables for base install

  • Installation of the WFM Adapter package in Dynamics 365 one sandbox and one production org.
  • Configuration of the WFM Adapter to send the required data and metric calculations to the WFM solution.
  • Conduct end-to-end System Testing based on TTEC standard test cases. Validation of WFM Adapter historical reports data and real-time agent states through variety of interaction handling scenarios.
  • Support User Acceptance Testing over 5 days.
  • Defect Triage and resolution.
  • Provide guidance for production deployment planning and participate in cutover to the WFM Adapter solution.
  • Provide post deployment support for 5 days after production rollout.
  • Review Adapter as-built configuration. Review the common WFM adapter configuration updates required as new queue or agent changes are made to the contact center system.

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