Journey to Windows 11

Capgemini Group

Capgemini's Digital Platform Conductor approach to Windows 11 Migration

Windows 10 End of Support is Oct 14 2025, but 80% of business are still running it. Are you ready to migrate to Windows 11, but struggling to understand whether IT hardware or software assets across your organization are compatible? Why wait to migrate to the OS for hybrid work when the benefits are substantial, and the journey can be simple?

Capgemini provides a low-cost fixed price Windows 11 Assessment that will help you shave months off your Windows 11 project timeline, gain full insights into your endpoint hardware and software estate readiness, and make confident, data-driven decisions. In just a few days, see how the Capgemini solution integrates seamlessly with your existing architecture to automate 89% of manual upgrade analysis and planning tasks, reducing time, costs, and the risk of human error.

Research shows that about 20% of devices are not compliant with Windows 11. Our consultants, certified in the industry leading workspace technologies, will help you evaluate options and devise the optimum plan to enhance the employee experience, drive productivity, and implement sustainable cost-effective solutions.

Our Portfolio spans Workspace, Collaboration and Empowerment, Office, Support and Framework.

Pricing varies based on scope of the engagement and estimated price is for a Workspace Workshop.

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