Consolidate Apps on Dynamics 365: 2-Wk Assessment

Catapult Systems, LLC

An in-depth review of up to 10 applications to explore potential consolidation on to the Dynamics 365 platform.

You can reduce Total Cost of Ownership, streamline the user experience, and eliminate data silos and redundancies by consolidating relational data applications onto the Dynamics 365 platform.

Catapult can help realize business process and financial advantages by assessing up to ten (10) of your existing applications and providing a feasibility and consolidation recommendation report. Our team will work with you to identify which applications can be migrated, consolidated or eliminated.

This 2-week assessment engages business leaders, key users, current application owners and IT groups and is delivered on location.


Week 1

  • Kick-off
  • Application Stakeholder Identification
  • Application Stakeholder Feedback Sessions and Interviews
  • Initiate Application Review

Week 2

  • Complete Application Review
  • Prepare and Present Findings and Recommendations


  • Application Review Results
  • Summary of application discovery with identified owners and user groups and interview notes
  • Categorization of applications by type, critically, complexity and risk
  • Consolidation Recommendation Report
  • Description of Modernization and Consolidation options
  • Recommendations for each application
  • Roadmap for recommended activities

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