Dynamics Health Check & Migration: 4-Wk Assessment

Catapult Systems, LLC

*A comprehensive engagement to evaluate the health of your Dynamics implementation, optimize its performance, and assess feasibility of migrating to the cloud.*

Catapult will leverage our proprietary diagnostics process to evaluate the performance and overall health of your Microsoft Dynamics Sales, Customer Service, Field Services or custom xRM application. We will provide you with a Health Check and Performance Optimization Plan. We will then evaluate your existing system and report on the feasibility and potential ROI of migrating to Dynamics 365 Online. ### Agenda **Week 1** * Kick-off * Application Review * Stakeholder Feedback Sessions * Application Health Check * Establish Performance Baseline Expectations * Establish Necessary Performance Test Script Coverage **Week 2** * Complete Health Check * Application Performance Script Recording * Run Application Performance Assessment Scripts **Week 3** * Complete Performance Assessment * Review Performance Diagnostics * Health and Performance Report Preparation * Application Design & Requirements Review **Week 4** * Perform Migration Feasibility Analysis * Prepare & Present Deliverables with Findings ### Deliverables * *Health Check Report* – Standard Catapult document describing issues with the customer's Dynamics system including but not limited to issues with workflows, configuration, plug-ins, reports and automated processes * *Issue Remediation Plan* – Plan for resolving issues with the Dynamics system * *Performance Optimization Plan* – Review of Dynamics performance issues and a plan for correction/optimization * *Migration Feasibility Assessment* – Assessment describing the path and effort for migration of on premise Dynamics to Dynamics365 **Note** During this 4-week assessment, we will work with your system administrators at your location.
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