Reporting Gap Analysis: 4-Hr Assessment

Catapult Systems, LLC

An assessment of your reporting needs that provides a path forward to meet your business goals.

This discovery session seeks to understand your current reporting environment and assess the gap with your desired end state.

In this engagement we will:

  • Explore several reports, data sources, and end user requirements.
  • Assess the current effectiveness of legacy reporting solutions to understand where end users have fallen back to downloading data into Excel for analysis.


  • Provide a recommendation on how and where Power BI can empower end users to do self-service analysis in a way that is IT-supported.


  • The audience for this engagement is business data analysts, business stakeholders, and IT database specialists.
  • The preferred location is onsite at the customer's premises, though in some cases web conferences will be accommodated too.

Estimated pricing is based on average project size and scope. The complexity of the client's business processes, reporting requirements, and number of dashboards, among other factors, influence total project cost.

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