Direct Connection Power BI: 8-Day Proof of Concept

Catapult Systems, LLC

A Power BI pilot using direct connection to a single customer data source.

This Power BI pilot uses a direct connection to a single customer data source. The engagement will include discovery of current data sources, discussion on data modeling, and desired visual output of reports and dashboards.

During this session, we will interactively develop a Power BI pilot based on customer production data.

Day 1

  • Data acquisition from multiple sources
  • Data modeling in Power BI.

Day 2

  • Data Visualizations
  • Reports
  • Dashboards

Day 3

  • Using Power BI to publish and share information.
  • Power BI governance models with regards to data access and data security.

Day 4 – 5

  • Two days focused on production data preparation, which includes extract, transform, load, etc.

Day 6 – 8

  • Final days spent on presentation of data within Power BI, building dashboards and reports. Once we model the data, we will show you how to present the data in Power BI.


A Power BI Desktop file published to, with scheduled data refresh if appropriate, with pilot reports and dashboards.


  • The audience for this engagement is business data analysts, business stakeholders, and IT database specialists.
  • The engagement kick-off and wrap-up is conducted onsite at the customer's premises. Web conferences will be used for check-point reviews.

Estimated pricing is based on average project size and scope. The complexity of the client's business processes, reporting requirements, and number of dashboards, among other factors, influence total project cost.

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