Unlock Your Team’s Potential with Microsoft Copilot Training

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Our custom collection of Copilot courses are designed to empower your employees and turn them into expert users of this revolutionary AI-powered tool, enhancing their daily work activities

Embracing Microsoft Copilot within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem is pivotal for organisations aiming to lead in the AI revolution and navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Our professional services not only introduce your teams to Copilot but also extend their proficiency across the Microsoft 365 suite, ensuring a well-rounded mastery of these transformative tools.

We offer detailed insights into each course, specifically designed to maximise the use of Microsoft 365, including Copilot. Understand the goals, the target audience, and the outcomes to expect, ensuring a direct impact on your operational efficiency.

Comprehensive courses

Get a comprehensive overview of each course, including goals, target audience and learning outcomes.

Flexible Training Options

Explore our wide range of training methods tailored to suit various learning styles and schedules.

Tailored Solutions

Discover how our specialised training plans can be adapted to align with – and work towards – your organisation’s unique needs and aspirations.

Continuous Learning Support

Stay ahead of the curve with our ongoing support and resources. We ensure your team remains updated and proficient through refresher courses, webinars, and up-to-date learning materials.

Service Description

Day 1: Project Kick Off​ with training in AI, Copilot, Microsoft 365 Apps and Permissions

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