Data Quality Check: 2-Wk Implementation

Clouds On Mars

A Microsoft Power BI implementation of automated checks on your underlying data sources to report on their quality and alert you to possible issues.

This 2-week implementation is for everyone who already uses Power BI reporting and wants to ensure that:

  • Business decisions are taken based on high quality data
  • Data is kept clean for analytics, machine learning and bots
  • Suppliers of data are motivated to provide correct data inputs.

After just 2 weeks you get a working solution that automatically checks the quality of your data, reports its status in a visually appealing and functional way and alerts you and/or your data suppliers in case of data quality problems.


Days 1-2

Focus on understanding the client’s data, business objectives, typical data quality issues, checks and rules that need to be implemented.

Days 3-6

Cover the development of data check functions and storing results in control tables.

Day 7

Focuses on automation of the developed data quality checks.

Day 8

Covers data check sequence visualization using Visio custom visuals.

Day 9-10

We deliver a Power BI report which displays the data quality status and provides alerting functionality and trains you on the solution.


The price for the implementation is for up to 15 validation checks and 5 database tables to monitor. More checks can be priced individually at volume discounted rates.

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