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This efficient 4-week program integrates Device Management seamlessly into your existing framework, with specialized training to improve operational effectiveness.

Leverage Communication Square's Device Management Service to secure and streamline your device landscape, a crucial step for any US business aiming for heightened security and operational efficiency.


When you choose Communication Square for your device management needs, our team will first require access to your existing customer environment and a Microsoft 365 subscription, whether it's already in place or needs to be set up by us. Our Azure Certified Consultants will conduct an initial assessment and then proceed to integrate and optimize your device management system seamlessly into your business operations.


• Mobile Device Management (MDM) Implementation: For comprehensive management of company-owned devices, ensuring secure access and control.

• Mobile Application Management (MAM) Strategy: For personal devices (BYOD), focusing on securing business data without invading personal privacy.

• Device Enrollment Controls: To secure and limit device enrollment, preventing unauthorized access to the company network.

• App Protection Policies for Microsoft Apps: Safeguarding company data on personal devices through policy enforcement, without compromising individual privacy.

• Setup of Device Enrollment Prerequisites: Including configurations for supported platforms like Apple MDM push certificate and automatic enrollment for Windows 10/11.

• Compliance Policy Development: Tailored compliance policies for Windows devices, focusing on security features like encryption with BitLocker and Secure Boot.

• Conditional Access Based on Device Status: Implementing security measures such as MFA during device registration to enhance security.

• Enterprise State Roaming Configuration: Enabling synchronization of user settings across devices, which increases productivity while securing data.

• Deployment of Microsoft 365 Apps: Ensuring that all users have secured access to Microsoft 365 apps through a streamlined enrollment process.

• Full Device Enrollment Assurance: Guaranteeing that all company-owned devices are enrolled and compliant with your security standards.

• Presentation to Management and IT Staff: Detailing the implementation process, benefits, and guidelines for maintaining security standards.

• 1-Year Complimentary Ongoing SLA Support: Included for clients who procure Microsoft Licensing through Communication Square.

For an investment of USD 1,500, our Device Management Service offers unparalleled assurance that your devices are meticulously managed and secured by experts.

###About Communication Square

As a Microsoft Partner with extensive experience and 10 Gold Serves, Communication Square is committed to providing SMBs with state-of-the-art solutions for managing and protecting their data across all devices.

###Why Choose Us?

Deep Microsoft Ecosystem Integration: Our solutions are not just compatible; they are deeply integrated with Microsoft's security standards, offering seamless protection and management.

Customized Device Management Solutions: Recognizing the unique challenges faced by your business, we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.

Proven Expertise: Our vast experience with Microsoft cloud technologies ensures your device management strategy is both effective and reliable.

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