Office 365 Migration Services - Implementation

Communication Square LLC

This 4-week implementation is structured to assist customers in smoothly transitioning to Office 365, offering comprehensive migration services and requisite training.

If you've already undertaken our Office 365 Migration Assessment or Office 365 Migration Proof of Concept, you're eligible for a flat discount of USD 1,000.

###Process Our team at Communication Square will need access to your existing infrastructure and an Office 365 subscription (existing or a new one that we can set up for you).

A certified Office 365 consultant will then share a comprehensive report outlining the successful deployment of Office 365 in your production environment.

###Deliverables 1-End-to-end migration to Office 365 from your existing platform. 2-Setup and configuration of Office 365 applications (Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc). 3-Email and data migration to Office 365. 4-Integration with existing on-premises or cloud systems. 5-Setup of security and compliance features within Office 365. 6-Deployment of Office 365 groups and Microsoft 365 group governance. 7-Training for IT staff and end-users to ensure maximum utilization. 8-Setup of Conditional Access Policies for baseline and best practices. 9-Presentation to the management and IT staff. 10-Complimentary on-going managed services for Azure & Office 365 for 1 Year if you purchase Office 365 Licensing through Communication Square.

Discover the benefits of migrating to Office 365 with Communication Square's 4-week implementation offering.

Migrate to Office 365 and enjoy the benefits of a secure, scalable, and productive workspace that enhances collaboration and creativity. Learn more about the transition with our Office 365 Migration Services Offering.

###About Communication Square Communication Square is a Microsoft Solutions Partner with Modern work - Enterprise track. We help Government & Mid-Sized Enterprises move to Microsoft Cloud to increase productivity while ensuring security and compliance.

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