Managed Services for Office 365: Annual Support

Communication Square LLC

Communication Square's Managed Services for Office 365 provide comprehensive annual support, ensuring your operations run smoothly with proactive monitoring and quick resolution of issues.

Choosing our Managed Services for Office 365 for annual support gives you access to a dedicated team of certified professionals who'll manage your Office 365 environment, allowing you to focus on your core business.

###Process Our team at Communication Square will require access to your Office 365 tenant. Once onboarded, we'll initiate system monitoring, issue resolution, and provide continued support.


Proactive monitoring of your Office 365 environment to detect and rectify issues before they affect your business operations. Comprehensive support for all Office 365 applications, ensuring optimum performance and user satisfaction. Regular system updates in line with Microsoft releases, ensuring your environment remains modern and secure. Quick and efficient resolution of system issues to minimize downtime and disruption. Optimization of your Office 365 environment to match your evolving business needs. Regular reports on system performance, issue resolution, and updates, providing you with insights into your IT infrastructure. Training for your IT team and end-users, as needed, to enhance productivity and system usage.

You could also switch your Microsoft Licensing and Purchase Office 365 from Communication Square for additional discounts.

###About Communication Square Communication Square( is a Microsoft Partner. We help Government & Mid-Sized Enterprises move to Microsoft Cloud so as to get them more productive while ensuring security and compliance.

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