Defender for Identity Professional Security Services | Customized Deployment in as Little As 6-Weeks


Secure Azure Active Directory with Difenda, the 2023 Microsoft Security Impact Award Winner.

Identify potential compromises to user identities and fortify your Active Directory environment with our customized Microsoft Defender for Identity Professional Security Services. Mitigate the risks associated with anonymous IP address use and password spray to better protect your network. Designed exclusively for E5-customers, our services offer comprehensive support to enhance the security stance of Azure Active Directory. Rely on our certified and highly skilled Microsoft Security experts to safeguard all accounts and substantially reduce the threat landscape.

How It Works:
Strategic Planning: The Difenda team works closely with you to conduct a thorough analysis of your current Active Directory environment. We evaluate all security policies and requirements, considering both technical and business aspects to shape your identity protection strategy. This includes a detailed examination of your current configurations, setup, and Active Directory policies, aligning our approach with your objectives and allowing us to define clear expectations for the engagement.
Customized Set up and Deployment: Difenda’s experts will design Microsoft Defender for Identity based on your unique requirements. Guided by a migration plan document, we assist in configuring Defender for Identity seamlessly within your environment. Through close collaboration with your team, we execute a streamlined installation and configuration process, adhering to the predefined scope, ensuring you achieve your desired business outcomes. Quality assurance and performance testing: Following implementation, our collaborative efforts shift to validating the Defender for Identity's configuration. This allows us to pinpoint areas that may require refinement, with the ultimate goal of ensuring your new security measures and system perform optimally. Training and Knowledge Transfer: We provide virtual knowledge transfer and a technical overview workshop for your identified team members. Our aim is to equip your team with the necessary skills to manage the tool effectively while maximizing the potential of Microsoft Defender for Identity. Your Complete Build Book: We will provide you with a comprehensive Build Book which acts as a reference guide, assisting you in leveraging the newfound capabilities of your enhanced security solution.

What You’ll Get:
Microsoft Defender for Identity deployment project plan configured and aligned with your business goals. Expert support in the implementation of and integration of Microsoft Defender for Identity with your Active Directory environment. Support and training for staff members with a 2-hour virtual knowledge transfer and technical overview workshop with our experts. Dedicated project manager.
Defender for Identity Build Book.

How Expert Defender for Identity Design & Implementation Benefits You:
Proactively detect identity compromises, ensuring timely response to security threats.
Minimize the risk of brute force attacks and credential stuffing, safeguarding your organization's sensitive data. Complete protection of your Active Directory environment. Ensure that endpoints are logging into your SIEM for enhanced reporting and asset management. Maximize your Microsoft Security ROI. Effortlessly integrate this solution with other Microsoft Defender technologies or Difenda's MXDR service for comprehensive end-to-end security performance.

What Sets Us Apart?: Difenda excels in providing dedicated support for your Defender for Identity security implementation. Our team of certified Microsoft Security experts focuses on tangible business outcomes. We tailor our approach to your unique security needs and business goals, going beyond guidance to assess risks, rapidly deploy the technology, ensure compliance, and empower your team. Trust us for a seamless transition and maximum ROI on your Microsoft Security investment. With Difenda, you get a customized, expert-led, and efficient security solution for Microsoft Defender for Identity.

Certified Where It Matters Most:
24/7/365 Cyber Command Centers (C3) - ISO27001, SOC II Type 2 and PCI Certified Microsoft Canada’s Security Impact Award Winner 2023 Microsoft Verified MXDR Solution Status

This Solution Integrates with the Following Microsoft Security Products: Microsoft Sentinel Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Microsoft Defender for Cloud Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Ready to Secure Your Active Directory Environment? Unleash the power of Microsoft Defender for Identity with Difenda's award-winning expertise. Contact us today.

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