Field Service Integration: 9-Wk Implementation

Dynamic Consulting

Fully customizable Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations integration with Dynamics 365 for Field Service, leveraging the Data Import/Export Framework (DIXF) and Azure-based Logic and Function apps.

We start with an integration template that covers Customers, Products, Warehouses, Work Orders, Inventory Management, and all required setup data. From there, we’ll assess your specific needs and make the necessary adjustments to meet your requirements.


  • Host 8 hours of discovery sessions to identify and document requirements
  • Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (F&O) with custom DIXF data entities for data export to Azure SQL
  • Build and schedule DIXF import and export jobs to send and receive data from Dynamics 365 Field Service (FS)
  • Create batch jobs in Dynamics 365 F&O to automate inventory processing
  • Deploy Azure Logic and Function apps to map data appropriately for both directions of integration
  • Create two versions of the integration: one for production and one for development
  • Update Dynamics 365 FS forms with integration status fields which allow users and administrators to view and report on records that have successfully integrated or had errors
  • Configure dashboards in Dynamics 365 FS and Power BI for integration monitoring and error handling
  • Deliver up to 8 hours of training sessions with administrators and super users covering topics required to monitor, maintain, and update the integration
  • Provide 2 days of monitoring and assistance at Go Live to ensure everything is running smoothly


  • Customer must have Dynamics 365 for F&O, Enterprise Edition and Dynamics 365 FS and is current on all licensing.
  • Customer is using standard Dynamics 365 F&O and Dynamics 365 FS environments with no customization. Custom processes that need to be considered may result in additional cost.
  • 16 hours of time is included to build, test, and deploy customizations to the standard template. Additional consulting time is available for additional fees.
  • Customer understands this integration will incur additional fees for Azure services
  • Additional assumptions may apply

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