Business Apps eConnect - 1-Wk Assessment


Looking for return of investment (ROI) for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation, achieving solution readiness, and recommendations to achieve a 360-degree view of your customers?

Eclectics International provides 1 - week assessment to determine how siloed your business applications are from a data-driven approach. We quickly identify disparate systems that can be leveraged to enrich your single customer view into a 360 degree view, with a true omnichannel experience. Our strengths in building customer data view assessments is focused mainly for financial services industry, where assessments have lead to the implementation of world-class solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM platforms. Our assessment will drive the efficiencies around your customer journeys and experiences.

This 1-week assessment via Microsoft Teams consists of focused interviews with key stakeholders of your organization, targeted questionnaires, assessment of current IP landscape, review of system documentation, and an interim report of steps to achieve readiness, and a plan to move forward successfully.

Expected Assessment Outcomes

  • Architecture Readiness to Integrate Siloed in-house LOB
  • Utilization Report of current Line of Business Applications (LOB)
  • Suitability of Dynamics 365 as a LOB
  • Change Management Recommendations for efficient User Adoption
  • Deliver an architectural blueprint to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 in financial Institutions


Pan African Company with Head Quarters In Nairobi, Kenya and Regional Offices in Mauritius. Our desire is singular and ultimate, “To provide innovative, affordable state of the art software solutions developed and supported locally". We believe in real-time world where information is viewed as it happens across multiple platforms for better decision making

Pricing Estimate is determined by the scope of work

Factors influencing the final price
  • Size of the deployment
  • Available documentation
  • Integration Points

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