Cyber Security Assessment

ELEVATE Solutions Limited

The Cybersecurity Assessment helps customers assess their security posture and risk to insider threats.

The engagement covers two commonly seen threat scenarios: Human-operated Ransomware Data Security risks from company insiders Using the engagement tools, discover vulnerabilities within the customer’s production environment across cloud, servers and endpoints. The vulnerabilities and risks are analyzed and prioritized to show how prepared the customer’s defenses are against the included threat scenarios. Prepare detailed recommendations from the assessment to help the customer prioritize the improvements to their cybersecurity posture.

What we’ll do during the engagement?

  1. Analyze the customer’s environment and current cybersecurity maturity level based on v8 of the CIS Critical Security Controls.
  2. Define scope & deploy Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management and Insider Risk Analytics in the customer’s production environment.
  3. Perform a vulnerability assessment and assist with the prioritization of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across the customer’s organization.
  4. Perform a data security assessment, discover and evaluate sensitive information and potential insider risks in the customer’s organization.
  5. Plan next steps on how to improve the customer’s cyber and data security posture and how you can work together for future engagements.

Objectives and Approach

  1. Discover vulnerabilities: Gain visibility into vulnerabilities to the customer’s Microsoft 365 cloud using Microsoft Secure Score. Discover and analyze vulnerabilities to servers and endpoints using Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management.
  2. Explore and Evaluate sensitive information and potential insider risk Gain visibility into sensitive information discovered by Microsoft Purview Information Protection. Explore potentially risky data handling activities identified by Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management Analytics.
  3. Define next steps As part of the engagement, work together with the customer to define a list of next steps based on their needs, objectives, and results from the Cybersecurity Assessment.

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