Cyderes Architecture Engineering Services for Microsoft 365 Defender for Endpoint


Cyderes has developed Microsoft 365 Defender security adoption advisory services to help our clients architect and implement onboarding of Microsoft 365 Defender security features.

Cyderes Microsoft 365 Application Security services shorten development timelines, reduce false positives, and vanquish manual, inconsistent processes. We focus on agility, automation, and rapid code development. Cyderes will work with your team to embed a culture of application security, optimize DevOps performance, and enhance security posture. Driven by best-of-breed solutions and leading industry practices, our Microsoft 365 Application Security services include:  • Emphasis on fixing, not just finding • Reducing the introduction of new flaws within the environment • Providing hands-on triage management • Integrating security into the CI/CD pipeline • Covering all application types, including Defender for Endpoint Microsoft Defender for Endpoint offers a variety of security features, including attack surface reduction, endpoint detection and response, automated investigation and remediation, and advanced threat analytics. It integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft security solutions, including Microsoft 365 Defender, Azure Defender, and Microsoft Defender for Identity, to provide a holistic security approach for organizations. Cyderes has partnered with Microsoft to deliver the perfect balance of technical solutions and services to protect your complex security environments effectively.

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