Cyderes Microsoft 365 Incident Response


Cyderes Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) services encompass the full security motion and emphasize your ability to respond.

Microsoft 365 technologies are the de-facto standard for business cloud services. Entra ID is present in over 90% of the Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) incidents handled by Cyderes. Microsoft 365 services can be a bastion of safety for business continuity or a point of entry for an attacker, depending on an enterprise’s ability to understand, configure, and respond to threats in the Microsoft 365 environment. Urgent Incident Response, confidential Digital Forensic Investigations, and Litigation Support provide skilled responders and investigators to assist with a range of cyber security incidents and legal projects.  The details of such services are highly dependent upon the issue at hand. Urgent incident response services apply a methodology including triage, containment, eradication, recovery, and lessons learned/reporting phases.  Digital forensic investigation is typically performed under the direction of counsel but can include preliminary or internal investigations. Whether following a formal Cyderes methodology or working under the direction of counsel, Cyderes provides skilled investigators backed by expert testimony if called upon. The Cyderes Threat Analysis Center (TAC) teams with Cyderes SOC Threat Intelligence to gather the latest indicators from hundreds of client telemetry and commercial providers. Cyderes Offensive Security Teams study the attacker’s methods and tools to provide up-to-the-minute anticipation of threat actors. DFIR investigates and studies attackers’ actions in live environments to test and confirm conclusions from the analysis of these sources. The Cyderes TAC analyzes these inputs to deliver actionable advisory services in business-oriented terms grounded in your industry, service, and technology profile. Cyderes offers resources throughout the full security motion.  Cyderes DFIR projects and services encompass the full security motion while emphasizing your ability to respond.   • Early identification of threats and assets anticipates the most likely or most damaging attacks and aids the development of prevention efforts. • Well-planned, rational allocation of prevention resources can prevent an incident entirely or allow for timely detection to minimize or contain damage from a determined attacker. • There will always be unanticipated attacks based on newly discovered vulnerabilities like Log4j. Planning a capability to respond to such threats is part of the full security motion. • Resilience is the ability to recover quickly, even seamlessly, from attacks. Microsoft 365 services can be accessed independently of internal resources as part of business continuity planning.

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