Power BI Dashboard Design: 10-Day Implementation

Fresh BI

A packaged service to help you quickly obtain a design that is tailored and branded for your business, at a guaranteed price and with guaranteed satisfaction.

A dashboard is a visual display of your most important information to achieve one or more objectives, consolidated and arranged on a single screen. This allows for information to be monitored at a glance.

We rely on the design principle of ‘Simple Design and Intense Content’ and we target that energy-rich intersection of Content, Beauty and Story, to design a dashboard that embodies the personality of your business.

We'll engage with your team through approximately 2 conference calls, which will result in a dashboard design that is approximately 70% complete. We then spend a day with you in-person to complete the design. This design is easily transferable and uploadable into Power BI.

In this offering we consult with your team to surface what you consider most meaningful about data required for decision-making. We then apply this meaning to a story that matches your mental models about the organization. Then we design the dashboard using a beautiful and compelling layout.


  • At the end of this process you will receive a professional and beautiful Adobe-Style one page dashboard design plus drill-through pages. This is a culmination of creative brainstorming with your team.
  • This offering puts meaning and user experience first. This enables a lean approach to deploying supporting infrastructure. It also provides a clear roadmap of sequential deliveries to the business teams.


  • We take a 3-step approach: Content, Beauty, Story. The outcome is guaranteed success in surfacing meaning that is supported by the consensus of the whole team.
  • FreshBI has priced this solution without prior knowledge of the nature of the engagement. FreshBI retains the right to decline this project after reviewing the specifics.

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