Managed Data Warehouse for QuickBooks and Power BI: 1-day implementation

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A Managed Data Warehouse Streamlining Power BI connectivity with QuickBooks.

A Managed Data Warehouse streamlining Power BI connectivity with QuickBooks.

Data Fort is a plug-and-play tool which allows you to synchronize, store, and access an unlimited number of QuickBooks accounts and so you can utilize your data without continually re-authenticating in Power BI.

This is a plug-in solution. Once you are set up with an account, you simply choose which QuickBooks accounts you would like to connect to, and the data will be available, organized, and ready to work with.

This offer has a use-case for accountants and analysts at any organization which uses QuickBooks data. The built-in connector for QuickBooks and Power BI is not suitable for working with multiple accounts. The Data Fort solves that problem by pulling the data, automatically updating it, and ensuring your reports remain up to date without multiple authentications or repeated steps.

Our security audit team has configured a robust API so you can easily and securely access your QBO data anytime, anywhere. Your data will be safely stored in an IP blacklisted environment; and your data is only accessible with your private API key. Data Fort's infrastructure is hosted via Azure, so you can rest assured that the physical and cloud platform security is state-of-the-art.

We have regularly scheduled penetration testing to ensure we are compliant with best practices.

Pricing is estimated based on a $2,000 one-time setup fee, and a monthly charge depending on how long you use the Data Fort and how many Quickbooks accounts need to be integrated.


  • At the end of this process, you will be able to easily access your QuickBooks Data in Power BI without multiple authentications.
  • This offer streamlines the ETL process for loading client data into Power BI.

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