Shape Your Power BI EndGame: 2-Day Workshop

Fresh BI

Investing in a BI platform should not be your ultimate BI goal. This is a 2-day event designed to guide you from your acquisition of Microsoft Power BI to a successful deployment of Power BI.

FreshBI's 'Shape Your Power BI EndGame' is a workshop that covers a set of comprehensive solution adoption guidelines which can be broken down into the following categories.



The direction your company will take depends on its culture surrounding data and analytics. Producing a successful data driven culture requires a shift in this core culture.


Data governance is a broad subject. It ranges from identifying team roles, to establishing procedures and standards for production. Having a comprehensive governance plan is a high priority in a successful BI deployment.

Service management:

Licensing is next step in distributing your solutions. It is important to know your options and understand the best practices for distributing licenses to your users.


Security is a major factor in getting your environment up and running. We’ll teach you about user identities and how Power BI keeps your data safe.

Roll-out and support:

The endgame of your BI project is user adoption. We’ll teach you how to create a plan for report roll-out and user support.


Desired outcomes:

Your organization will have the tools to influence your company to move to being data-savvy and to use facts to support decision making.

Ultimately we measure the success of this workshop by your resulting ability to deploy a solution that is used by your organization and which becomes the centre of your data-driven business decision-making.

You will leave this workshop with a plan for execution around organizational Power BI adoption.

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