Power BI High-Performance Workshop: 2-Day Workshop

Fresh BI

This workshop coaches your team in tuning your Microsoft Power BI suite for high-performance, transforming it from its current state to optimal performance.

FreshBI's “Power BI High-Performance: 2-Day Workshop” covers the fundamentals of ensuring that your environment is optimized. We teach you the skills you need to systematically tune your Power BI environment.


Defining good performance:

A solid framework of good performance is fundamental when working toward a high-quality BI solution. We look at key metrics that will be used objectively to determine the status of our solution.

Architecture and configuration:

A substantial part of an effective solution is choosing the correct components for your environment. This plays a key role in minimizing network latency, improving throughput, and utilizing your resources to their maximum potential.

Data loading and refresh:

Acquiring necessary data as well as keeping it up to date is another focus of BI. We will look at how to avoid memory and CPU intensive operations in order to reduce desktop slowdowns.

Design principals:

Once the data extraction and refresh processes are running smoothly, the next steps are the report and dashboard standards. The team eliminates any inappropriate use of visuals that could generate large amounts of source data queries and slow things down.

Power BI Premium:

It is highly likely that reporting will expand over the coming years and therefore it is important to have a plan set in place for when increased capacity is necessary.

Modeling, DAX, and debugging:

Chances are high that your reporting will expand over the coming years and it is important to have a plan in place for when increased capacity is necessary.

Desired outcomes:

You will conclude this workshop with an advanced understanding of performance in Power BI. You will also be provided with the tools you need to assess your solutions required improvements.

You will leave this workshop with a plan for performance improvements and the opportunity to partner with Fresh BI.

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