Modern Managed Endpoints: 4-Wk Proof of Concept

FSI Strategies

Modernize your organization with end-to-end device management and monitoring, FSi Strategies will demonstrate modern device management and security using the latest in Microsoft 365 technology

In the first week FSi Strategies will hold sessions with point of contact at the organization to review why a proactive security posture and utilizing Microsoft 365 services is critical and requires the right partner that can proactively fortify your organization's security against internal and external threats while giving users a streamlined experience.

The following topics will be reviewed:

-Describe and Review Zero Trust methodology -Identity Access & Management -Device Security & Compliance -Content Security & Data Loss Prevention -Determine environment to deploy Proof of Concept -Determine test users for environment

FSi Strategies will present the client with the proof of concept environment and a document outlining the services implemented. This document will review the previous three weeks of findings and outline the level of effort it will take to implement a modern managed desktop experience into the client environment. The following will be covered in the review:

-Send surveys to test users reviewing the following -Experience with Modern Managed Endpoint -What works well -What issues slow down work -What would improve experience -Requirements of Identity and Access management -Requirements for Device Security and Compliance -Requirements for Content Security and Data Loss Prevention -Overview of technologies recommended in each stage of the assessment (Microsoft Entra, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Purview) -Review surveys of test users -Review of level of effort required for each section -Review of complete scope of work to implement a Modern Managed Endpoint

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