Copilot Readiness Assessment: 3-Wk Assessment

Fusion5 Limited

To embrace the Copilot revolution in a safe and secure way, without risk, it becomes imperative that organisations proactively create adoption plans and establish the safeguards.

To embrace Copilot without risk, it becomes imperative that organisations proactively create adoption plans and establish the necessary safeguards. Just as a flight without a comprehensive flight plan would be unwise, navigating the Copilot journey requires careful preparation.

Work with us to assess how ready you are for Copilot and form an adoption roadmap. In our 360 review we will focus on six key areas:

• Data Security – Reviewing security policies, security models, and controls for sensitive data to maintain a robust and resilient data environment.

• Regulatory Compliance – Assessing compliance to regulatory standards such as GDPR, PII, data sovereignty, and data retention to ensure adherence to legal and industry-specific requirements.

• Data Quality – Evaluation of data cleanliness, accuracy, timeliness, and overall content to ensure optimal usability and reliability.

• Data Governance – Establishing safeguards to ensure positive early experiences and prevent the compromise of sensitive information.

• Organisational Change Management – Recommendations around the change process to ensure that objectives are fulfilled, identify enablement opportunities that will drive adoption and reduce resistance to change.

• Business Strategy – Defining the desired and measured outcomes you aim to achieve using Copilots, thereby ensuring organisational alignment through education, the setting of achievement milestones and budgets.

Key Benefits

• Early identification of challenges, roadblocks, and potential issues mapped to recommendations for resolution to drive implementation success. • Mitigating security and compliance risks relating to your unique circumstances • Engaging in collaborative teamwork to comprehensively grasp and quantify both your business and technical requirements. • A well-documented implementation roadmap that aligns skills, stages, and adoption strategies with your business goals. This roadmap serves as a guide to define the success of integrating Copilots into your business.

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