HPT_Microsoft Cyber Security Assessment_2 week

HPT Vietnam Corporation

Strengthen your firm's defenses with our all-in-one cybersecurity platform

The Microsoft 365 Cloud Security Assessment engagement gives you an analysis of your organization’s security posture, evaluating vulnerabilities, identity, and compliance risks with remediation recommendations. Best for when you need to… Increase your knowledge around vulnerabilities to cyber attack & potential business risks​ Align data compliance policies to industry standards​ Integrate identity management requirements into standard business processes Our experts will guide you through our detailed four-phased approach, from identifying your business goals to implementing specific action items. Planning: Identify business goals and objectives Data collection: Provide a clear picture of the current data estate Analysis: Optimize investments with data and infrastructure analysis Action: Implement a strategic plan tailored to each cloud journey The Microsoft 365 2 weeks Security Assessment typically consists of a kick-off meeting followed by the 2-day on-site assessment. Following the assessment, we gather the data together and compile the results into and actionable report.

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