Power BI Org Change Mgmt: 1-Month Impementation

iLink Systems, Inc.

Deploy the technology changes while implementing Power BI solutions in your organization structurally, to reduce the impact of change and increase engagement

Even with the best technical implementation, resistance to change can reduce or even eliminate the ROI on any project. The problem is, as we human beings naturally resist change, even positive changes can significantly increase stress.

With our Power BI Organizational Change Management (OCM) service, we help you take proactive steps to reduce the impact of the change. With a proven methodology, we help you to deploy technology changes in Power BI implementation.

OCM helps businesses to: -Improve time to full adoption -Increase the likelihood of project success -Mitigate the amount of stress experienced by end-users -Enhance user experience -Encourage career development -Empower more people to leverage tools to their full potential faster -Increase ROI -Impact the perception and reception of future projects

An OCM plan will help guide leadership in taking the appropriate steps to: -Establish a sense of urgency -Create a guiding coalition -Develop a vision and strategy -Communicate the change vision -Empower broad-based action (remove obstacles) -Generate short term wins -Consolidate gains and produce more change -Anchor the new approach in the culture

Approach:We follow the ADKAR model while implementing OCM: Awareness of the need for change Leadership involvement Communicate clearly in advance: What’s in it for me? Desire to support the change Detail the impact of the change and the benefits to the audience Knowledge of how to change Resources available for education and training to support the needed skills Ability to demonstrate skills & behaviors Remove blockers to time and availability for learning Reinforcement to make the change stick Leverage your Community of Practice (COP) to support key contacts throughout the organization
Within each audience group, we help you identify those individuals who will have the greatest impact on project success and take their help.

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