Power BI Performance Optimization: 2-Week Briefing

iLink Systems, Inc.

Assess your existing Power BI infrastructure and have recommendations for improvement /optimal performance

Our team will conduct assessment of existing Power BI program and provide assessment results, key findings from each analysis, and help you create a roadmap to improve the performance of your reports and dashboards.

We will also implement the said recommendations to provide the optimal Power BI performance.

Why our customers prefer Power BI performance optimization: -Diagnosis of existing the Power BI environment's performance with bottlenecks, inefficiencies -Achievement of optimal performance with low cost of reporting, low product availability cost, short decision-making process


-Setting Performance Goals for the organization
-Evaluation of the existing high-level architecture and reporting ecosystem against Power BI best practices -Identification of root causes, inefficiencies within the data ecosystem and components that require improvements
-Implementation of recommendations for performance improvement, troubleshooting Performance Issues

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