MDR for Microsoft Defender


Adeo MDR Services provide detection and response capabilities via Microsoft 365 threat protection including Defender for Identity, Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Cloud and Office 365 Security.

Enjoy better security with Microsoft 365 while getting core expertise where it means most, real-time 24x7Managed detection and response, and advancing your security development over time. ADEO Managed Security Services (MSS) was created to monitor increasingly complex IT security infrastructures with high expertise. ADEO managed service is compliant with security policies, standards and technologies. Our MDR Team will monitor all activities and if any anomaly occurs the team will detect. They will complete the necessary actions to stop the cyber-attack. All enterprises and SME's could get benefits from this service. Being up-to-date about all cyber-attack techniques, detection methods, attacker groups are exhaustive. Especially if cyber security is not your major business. Our team is improving themselves every day and helping our customers to protect them.

Implementation Activities :

-Onboarding MDR services -Implementation of Custom Detection Rules

MDR Deliverables:

-24/7 Monitoring and Investigation -Security Event monitoring -Incident Triage -Deep-dive forensic investigation -Incident Response Plan -Remediation Recommendations -Proactive Alert/Rule Tuning -Threat Intelligence -Real-time rule enrichment according to new threats


-Dedicated Security Analyst -Weekly or monthly reports -Mean Time to Detection and Mean Time to Response Calculation

Who Benefits? (Industry and concern based)


All the companies which are targeted by highly qualified adversaries such as E-commerce, commerce, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, communication, finance & insurance, transportation, government, public companies etc.


-Companies which need detections against to new threats -Companies have Lack of visibility -Companies which do not have highly skilled security focused teams.

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