Power Apps with analytics: 2 Wk. Proof of Concept

Inservit LLC

Rapidly building low-code apps integrated with analysis and analytics that modernize processes and address all aspects of business.

Low code scalable app

    Secure, scalable, intelligent and integrated solutions with lower development costs.

Analysis & data sharing

    Ease overall project management with data analysis.
    Elevate trust with customers with secure data sharing via dashboards/live streams/videos…

Predictive Analytics

    Boost revenue via recommendations, relevancy, cross selling...
    Streamline production, purchase and logistics...

Making analysis and analytics affordable, accessible at fingertips!

Practice/solution offered

    Secure & scalable solutions
  • Secure, scalable, low-code apps.
  • End-to-end custom solution or integrate with line-of-business apps.
    Predictive analytics
  • Smarter tools = greater results.
  • ML backed solutions - prediction, recommendations...
  • Simplify project management and maintenance with AI builder: form processing, object detection, category classification...
    Data analysis with Power BI
  • Analysis and visualization for in-house stakeholders as well as end customers.
  • B2B integration and secure data sharing.
  • Stream/IoT/high volume data analysis.
  • On premise/cloud/hybrid solutions.
  • Integration with auto/custom models for advanced and/or custom analytics.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams.
  • Dynamics 365 integration.

Proof of Concept: Execution Plan

     Please refer the document "Info: Execution plan" in section "Additional Information".

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