Insight Surface Device as a Service


Insight's Surface DaaS solution focus's on providing full lifecycle management of Surface devices by combining procurement, service, management, and EoL recovery or refresh into a seamless experience.

Business challenge

The transformation of today’s workplace into a less centralized, more user-focused and technology-driven environment has companies evaluating new ways of equipping and supporting their workers. Employees are pushing toward providing more flexible and modern device options so they can have a better, more productive experience. However, companies have to balance that user experience with the capacity of their IT staff.

How we help

Insight’s Surface Device as a Service (DaaS) solution has been designed in partnership with Microsoft, focused on providing full lifecycle management of Surface® devices by combining procurement, service and management, and end-of-life recovery and refresh into a seamless end-to-end experience.

Organizations choose Surface DaaS to: • Reduce cost and gain better control over spending for devices and their management. • Refocus in-house IT on more strategic projects. • Provide more flexible and modern device options for workers.

Additional information

Insight Surface DaaS takes the complexity out of the device lifecycle for your IT staff and allows them to focus on improved user satisfaction and accelerated growth. Insight provides a complete solution that includes: • Surface OEM devices: laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices • Outsourced device IT lifecycle management: staging, provisioning and supporting end-user devices • End-of-device lifecycle support: DaaS devices are retired at the end of their subscription term and refreshed

Additional details

Gain access to:

myInsight procurement account — seamlessly enable end-user and IT order placement, management and reporting

Modern provisioning — save IT time and effort when provisioning and managing end-user devices

Warehousing — free up your space and equip employees with the latest devices

Advanced Exchange Depot Lifecycle Services — minimize employee downtime and increase productivity

As-a-Service Subscription — consistent, scheduled device refreshes and continued employee satisfaction

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