Power BI User Experience: 2-Wk Assessment


Our team will work closely with your key stakeholders to analyze and identify the usability of your reports and develop a plan and design to enable your reports to deliver maximum value.

The secret to ensuring your data and analytics solution is successfully adopted and delivers on its promised value is to create a relevant and meaningful experience that is tailored to specific needs. Many users struggle to fully utilize complex reports with functionality that is not designed around how they work. By understanding specific scenarios and use cases, you can present data that is easier to consume and elicits action.


  • High level data analysis and profiling
  • Analysis of new or existing reports from a user-centric persona point of view
  • Archetype/persona development based on role variations, requirements, and needs
  • Scenario identification and development based on personas
  • High-level wireframe mockups

Benefits & Outcomes: You’ll walk away from this engagement with an actionable plan and design mockups to improve the user experience of your dashboards and reports.

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