Intranet in a Box Gold Package: 2-Hours Implementation


Get your intranet and your organization to its optimal efficiency using SharePoint online within Microsoft 365

Productivity can be increased by making it possible for employees to get to the right information that they need at the right time. With an intranet we can centralize the majority of that data but we can promote to use of Enterprise Search. Allowing employees to search against all of the data they have access to across all of Microsoft 365.

With our Intranet Packages, we have established a quick and efficient way for companies to get started with a minimal but sufficient Intranet and within a small budget. This is what our package includes;

  1. Intranet Information Architecture: Our team will work with Client to define a finalized information architecture for the Intranet and how that relates to the technologies of Office 365 and the overall organization of the Client.
  2. Intranet Theme: JourneyTEAM will work with client to create an intranet design that will meet Client’s color scheme
  3. Intranet Build: Using the finalized architecture, we will build out the sites that will make up the intranet
  4. Employee Directory: JourneyTeam will provide and implement their custom Staff Directory. This directory allows users to filter down and find employees by an array of filters.
  5. Choose 3 of our custom webparts a. Employee Recognition b. Frequently Asked Questions c. Polls and Quizzes d. Timeline e. Simple Charts
  6. Content Owner Training 2-Hours: A great deal of content, pages, links, libraries and more will need to be created for the new intranet. We will provide extensive Content Owner training. This training will prepare content owners for the management of their content within the intranet. This training will be specific to the Client’s environment and the unique configurations.

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