Migrate Tableau to Power BI: Free 2-Hour Briefing

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Discover how you can migrate Tableau reports to Power BI while enabling business continuity

Is your Tableau organization looking to migrate to Power BI?

Is the lack of Power BI expertise holding you back?

As the 2021 Microsoft Power BI Partner of the Year, we are recognized for our expertise in implementing business intelligence and analytics solutions. Our team of Power BI experts will consider your existing data sources and IT policies to ensure we come up with a solution that’s right for you. During our 2-hour briefing, we will discuss your reporting requirements to suggest the best way to plan your Power BI migration. During the briefing, we will answer questions such as:

  1. What is your current user base?
  2. How many reports do you use?
  3. What are your data sources?
  4. How do you manage security?


  1. IT admins
  2. Report developers
  3. Power BI sponsors
  4. Power BI champions


In this briefing we will discuss the following topics.

  1. Why Power BI
  2. Advantages of Power BI over Tableau
  3. Migration Strategy
  4. How we can help


At the end of the briefing, you’ll have a clear idea about how to best migrate your reports to Power BI, including actionable next steps.


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Learn about migrating Tableau to Power BI in a free 2-hour briefing. Questions? Email to schedule.

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