Ransomware & Supply Chain Incident Management: 12 Hour Assessment

Maureen Data Systems

Identify vulnerabilities within your organization, including those who pose a threat to your supply chain, provide & mature a tailored incident response & management program.

Our top-tier solution meets CMMC, E.O. No. 14028, NIST Standards, MITRE ATT&CK Framework and Zero Trust Architecture.

Utilizing Microsoft’s Block 64 technology, MDS can obtain an inventory of your current information assets and infrastructure, including desktops, servers, vCenters and network infrastructure. By leveraging Microsoft’s technology, MDS can discover and remediate any non-compliant patch levels, unprotected endpoints, and/or currently exploitable vulnerabilities. Microsoft's Block 64 tool interacts with the on-premise Microsoft365 environment and cloud assets to compile a complete portrait of the environment. Reporting and deliverables are prepared in Microsoft's Block 64 Azure Analytics Tenant, and presented together with your assessment. This provides you with a birds eye view of your Microsoft365 on premise environment and a clear roadmap to remediate security gaps and optimize spending by moving to Microsoft Azure.

Coupled with our Continuous Comprehensive Cybersecurity Risk Evaluation Services (C3RES) solution, we have the ability to assess the risks your vendors and other third-parties pose to your organization's supply chain. This will not only influence contract negotiations, but also enable you to make better business decisions. Through our Ransomware Susceptibility Index (RSI) technology, our unparalleled solution will determine how likely your external facing infrastructure is seen by an adversary and the likelihood that your organization will to be compromised by ransomware. Through the ransomware susceptibility index, we will gain recon and competitive intel to protect your organization from financial and reputational damage, including threats to national security.

Depending on the findings from Microsoft Block 64 reports, including the C3RES & RSI assessments, remediation services are available upon request. In addition to our findings, MDS maps and customizes an incident response and risk management program to your organization. Not only will we develop and review existing incident response policies and procedures, MDS will ensure that those policies and procedures are integrated with your organization's business continuity plan.

Finally, MDS will facilitate simulated playbooks that will lead your organization towards the maturity pathway.

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