Digital Justice Management Platform: 18 Week Implementation Service


Rapidly adopt and implement the modern digital courtroom to improve citizen access to justice, decrease overhead court operations, increase case throughput, and leverage digital capabilities.

Courts around the world are embracing digital justice operations, leveraging modern platforms like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics, and Power BI to implement virtual/hybrid hearings, digital records management, and modern court case management. Our modular yet integrated platform that is built on top of the Microsoft cloud and consists of a case and content management solution and a hybrid hearings solution built upon a common data model. The actual duration and pricing for this service is highly variable based on scope and size of court operations.

Industry Solutions Delivery Consulting

Microsoft’s consulting service, delivered by our Industry Solutions Delivery (ISD) team and/or local partners, leverages our out-of-the-box products, implemented in an architectural configuration already deployed at other governments around the world, to rapidly create a Digital Justice Management Platform. Through a proven methodology, we can provide a solution tailored to your unique court rules, operations, and requirements, leveraging a platform that was developed using the best practices defined by working with leading justice organizations around the world. Our Digital Justice Management Platform is designed to meet your operational expectations for individual/unique courts, case types, and hearing procedures.

Digital Justice Modules

The Digital Justice Platform is comprised of six key modules, each leveraging different products within Microsoft’s best-in-class product suite. Modules can be implemented independently, sequentially, or collectively as part of a comprehensive justice modernization strategy. The six key modules of the digital justice platform are:
• Digital justice portal interface for secure and managed access by citizens, attorneys, and court personnel
• Virtual hearings enabling fully virtual or hybrid court operations
• Data governance and common justice data model
• Document, record, and content management
• Comprehensive court case management
• Analytics and decision support with augmented artificial intelligence

In all scenarios, the platform supports custom operations of the court, giving the judge, clerk, and admin control over operations, flow, procedures, and communications. Decisions can be made regarding who may be permitted to attend hearings virtually versus in-person, which participants and attendees can speak and appear on video, what case information is available and shared with which parties, and the management and distribution of court documents. Leveraging built-in intelligence about court cases, a court can rapidly move from one hearing to another, automatically changing participants within the virtual courtroom. In all cases, back-end integration enables the inclusion of case details, documents and evidence, and transcription activities to be embedded within the court proceedings.

Products You Already Own

If your government already licenses Microsoft/Office 365 – and depending on the capabilities of your existing court case management, digital document/records repository, and public-facing government internet site – you already own the software needed for virtual/hybrid hearings and much of the basic functionality of a digital court. As a result, we can help you see immediate results through a rapid proof-of-concept engagement, followed by incremental adoption of the platform across your justice system.

As you continue or expand your vision toward justice modernization, we can work with you to identify how other products can advance your use and adoption of workflow management, advanced outcome analytics, augmented intelligence and decision support, and integrated case management.

Envision Modern Digital Justice

This Digital Justice Platform is fully operational in some of the largest national and local courts around the world. Your Microsoft account team can show you example versions of the solution, and help you envision how this solution will work within your court jurisdiction. Contact us via this page, or engage your account team, for more information.

(* The price quoted above reflects a common engagement for a proof-of-concept and first "minimum viable product" go-live of the virtual hearings module within a single court. Pricing is highly variable based on the size and scope of the court and solution desired.)

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