Rapid Impl BC Essential: 4-Wk Implementation

MindQuad Solutions Private Limited

A Rapid Implementation package of Business central Essential to configure & use core modules of Dynamics 365 Business central like Purchase, Sales & Accounting.

Configuration of Dynamics 365 Business central with following,

  • Configure & Upload Chart of accounts
  • Configuration of Number sequences
  • Upload Masters for Customers, vendors, Items
  • Configure Payment terms & payment methods
  • Configure Currencies, exchange rates & exchange gain losses
  • Upload closing balances of Legacy system (Customers, Vendors, G/L Accounts, Items)
  • Configure Posting setups & Posting groups, General Posting Setup, inventory posting setup, Bank Account Posting setup
  • Configure Sales Process (Sales Order, Sales Shipment, Sales Invoice, Sales return order, Sales Return Receipt, Sales Credit memo)
  • Configure Purchase Process (Purchase Order, Purchase Receipt, Purchase Invoice, Purchase return order, Purchase return Shipment, Purchase Credit memo)
  • Configure Accounting Process (General journal, Payment Journals, Cash receipt Journals, Bank Reconciliation)
  • Configure 1 workflow for Purchase order, Purchase Invoice, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Payment Journal & Receipt Journal each
  • Configure Locations (without Bins), Transfer Orders, Item Journals, Physical inventory Journals
  • Configure/ Customize 3 external reports (Purchase Order, Order confirmation, Sales Invoice)
  • 1 Instance of Key user training for the configured product
  • 1 Instance of Administration training ( Fiscal year, Accounting year creation, Year End closing process, Inventory period creation & closing, User setup, user permission assignment, Change log setup & configuration, Outlook Add-in configuration)
  • 24 hours post go-live support (Valid for 1 week from go-live date)


  • above estimate does not include licenses of Dynamics 365 Business central.
  • above offer is valid for configuration of single entity.
  • any features/module configuration which is not defined would be considered on T&M.
  • any customization, report designing would be considered on T&M.
  • any other instance other than 1st instance of key user training or Administration training would be T&M

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