Manufacturing planning & scheduling: 1-hr Briefing

NETRONIC Software GmbH

Assessment of your planning & scheduling readiness in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We will check how you work with the manufacturing capabilities and discuss visual scheduling options.

Do you lack transparency on what is happening on your shop floor? Do you feel your schedule manages you rather you are in control of your schedule?

Do you struggle with keeping delivery time commitments, and do you miss finite capacity scheduling integrated with your planning worksheet/MRP?

Get an expert’s assessment of your organization’s planning and scheduling needs. Take back control of your schedule and help your shop floor achieve operational agility.

NETRONIC Software has extensive experience and expertise in manufacturing, planning, and scheduling. We have created various visual scheduling applications, which are used by manufacturing companies around the globe.


  • Analyze your organization’s current manufacturing planning & scheduling process
  • Scope out various ways that your organization can leverage on transparency to improve its turnaround time with deliveries and capacity bottlenecks


  • Better visualization of Business Central Manufacturing data specifically work centers, machine centers, and production orders
  • Efficiently manage overcapacity and late production orders
  • Change your data by dragging and dropping your data on the fly or use various semi-automatic scheduling tools help you
  • See how material availability affects your scheduling decision
  • See how your schedule worked hand in hand with your planning worksheet

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