Power BI QuickStart: 2-Wk Proof of Concept

Nihilent Technologies, Inc

A rapid prototyping engagement that uses agile methodologies to create a pilot Power BI solution and provides a longer-term BI roadmap.

Leverage your complex data with business intelligence to unleash actionable and valuable insights. Take the next leap in your data and analytics journey.

To accelerate your growth in BI, we are offering a Power BI QuickStart utilizing Nihilent’s Agile BI Approach. In just 2 weeks get your first Power BI solution


Part 1 – BI Assessment – 3 Days

Focuses on identifying appropriate business use cases, getting to know your data, and assessing preparedness for business intelligence.

Part 2 – PoC Solution – 5 Days

Involves exploration, visualization, feature engineering, solution evaluation, training, testing, and comparing results.

Part 3 – Knowledge Transfer and Roadmap – 2 Days

Comprises of solution development and delivery, training, operationalization approaches, and development of a BI practice roadmap.

By the end of the engagement, you can expect analytical insights from one business use case and a roadmap for accelerating Business Intelligence into your organization.


  • Build a Proof of Concept Power BI solution
  • Mentor your IT team on Power BI solution development
  • Mentor your analysts and SMEs on creation, usage, and analysis of powerful visualizations
  • Power BI Q&A to ask questions and get answers from your BI solution
  • A Power BI solution that includes: 2 data sources, 1 transaction table and 8-10 dimensions
  • 2 compelling dashboards across all devices

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