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PeopleConnect Solution streamlines people management processes through integration with Microsoft 365, leveraging AI and productivity tools to enhance employee experience and organizational efficiency

People Connect: The New Era of Human Talent Management

People Connect is a comprehensive human talent management solution that connects knowledge, data, and technology to optimize all HR processes in a simple, fast, and intuitive way.

Specialized modules allow you to:

Select and train the best talent. Accurately evaluate performance. Manage permits and requests smoothly. Streamline repetitive tasks and free up time for what really matters: people. People Connect is 100% integrated with Microsoft 365, the world's leading productivity platform. The power of Microsoft's artificial intelligence and tools allow you to:

Drive the success of your team. Awaken the creativity of your talent. Work collaboratively, efficiently, and securely from anywhere and on any device. People Connect: Welcome to the new era of human talent management.

For the next three weeks, we will be implementing the People Connect solution. Our approach begins with gathering and analyzing your specific requirements to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your needs. We will then compare these requirements with the capabilities of the People Connect solution, clearly outlining what features are included, which aspects require customization, and identifying any new developments necessary. After presenting this detailed analysis to you, we will finalize the economic proposal and secure your agreement to proceed. Once approved, we will initiate the implementation phase, ensuring a seamless integration of the People Connect solution tailored to your organization's unique needs

Planning Phase Requirements Definition: In this phase, user needs are identified and software functionalities are defined. Feasibility Analysis: The software project is evaluated to determine its technical, economic, and resource feasibility. Software Architecture Design: The overall structure of the software is defined, including the components, interfaces, and technologies to be used.

Design Phase Detailed Design: Detailed software documentation is created, including data flow diagrams, class diagrams, and user interfaces. Prototyping: A software prototype is created to test functionalities and obtain user feedback.

Implementation Phase Code Development: The software source code is written according to the detailed design. Unit Testing: Tests are performed to verify the correct functioning of each software module.

Testing Phase Integration Testing: The interfaces between the different software modules are tested. Validation Testing: The software functionalities are tested to verify that they meet user requirements. Acceptance Testing: Testing is performed with end users to verify that the software meets their expectations.

Deployment Phase Software Deployment: The software is installed in the production environment and users are trained. User Support: User support is provided to resolve problems and answer questions.

Maintenance Phase Bug Fixing: Errors that are found in the software during use are corrected. Enhancements and Updates: Enhancements and updates are made to the software to add new functionalities or fix bugs.

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