Migration from Qlik: 10-Day Proof of Concept

Pomerol Partners Ltd

Replicate one of your existing Qlik applications in Power BI

The goal of this Proof-of-Concept is to demonstrate that Qlik applications can be migrated to Power BI whilst retaining all the same functionality. This POC will give you piece of mind that Power BI can deliver the same business insights and data interactivity as Qlik before embarking on a project to migrate your full Qlik platform to Power BI.

We work with you to select one of your applications to migrate for the POC exercise. We will perform a deep dive into the data to gain an understanding of your business and the insights you require. Then we will replicate the Qlik ETL and data model using Power Query and replicate the Qlik dashboard in Power BI. We can work with either Qlik Sense or QlikView.

Our consultants are experts in Qlik, we have worked with both Qlik Sense and QlikView for over 15 years and still deliver BI solutions with them today. We understand the specific features of Qlik, its associative engine and bespoke ETL scripting language lead. We understand how to translate what works well in Qlik into what works well in Power BI.

As part of the POC we will carry out an assessment of your entire Qlik platform and produce a roadmap for migrating it to Power BI. For full details of our assessment go to


  • Power BI report replicating one of your existing Qlik apps
  • A roadmap for migrating your full Qlik platform to Power BI including cost savings attainable by converting to Power BI

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